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Our thanks to all of our participants and supporters! 

We have been so delighted to receive the exemplary submissions received in our inaugural WHAT SHAPES YOUR DREAMS: CazArts YOUTH CHALLENGE '21–and we are so very appreciative of your support in contributing to this success! Our sincere congratulations and gratitude go out to each of these students for their outstanding submissions!

Please mark your calendars for the special exhibition of the submitted works and public presentation to each of the awardees on Friday, September 10th, 2021, 8:00 PM at CazArt's Carpenter's Barn Grand Opening.

We recieved a wonderful variety of submissions including painting, photography, collage, poetry and mixed media from these creative students who took on the challenge. The results of the judging is noted below.

See for yourself.
Click on any of the images to see a larger view.

Khrystyna BarnaKhrystyna Barna, Grade 9, painting   "The Eye of the Ocean" Best Use of Color

Paige BlairPaige Blair, Grade 7, poem   "We Are Finally Singing, America" Best Story

Maxwell EarleyMaxwell Earley, Grade 12, photograph   "A New Generation"  Best Conceptual Idea

Olivia EmersonOlivia Emerson, Grade 12, photograph   "Destination in Sight"   Honorable Mention for Use of Media

Alex KuperAlex Kuper, Grade 9, painting   "Who Let the Dog Out"

Maddie McGreevyMaddie McGreevy, Grade 12, mixed media   "Flowers"   Best Use of Media

Meghan MehlbaumMeghan Mehlbaum, Grade 9, painting   "See the World"   Honorable Mention for Use of Color

Rachel MolloyRachel Molloy, Grade 9, photograph   "Pointe Shoes"

Angela MoskvichAngela Moskvich, Grade 8, painting   "Head in the Clouds"

Em PufferEm Puffer, Grade 9, painting   "Reaching Out of the Abyss

Marley RoyerMarley Royer, Grade 8, collage   "Chaos"   Best Use of Imagery

Sophia SynborskiSophia Synborski, Grade 9, photograph   "Scary Skincat"   Honorable Mention for Conceptual Idea

Michaela TobinMichaela Tobin, Grade 9, painting   "Monochromatic Moon"   Honorable Mention for Use of Imagery


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We greatly appreciate our Challenge Judges :  Jennifer Hooley, Penny Noll and Adam Reynolds for their thoughtful and diligent considerations in selecting our award recipients. We would also like to acknowledge the support from the businesses and institutions of our community that assisted in making this a success: the CazArts Board of Directors, The Cazenovia Public Library, The Lincklaen House, Kalamata Pita, Commons Grounds, Cazenovia Copy Shop, Bear Paw Printing.

A special shout out for the CazArts Programming Committee members: Barbara Bartlett, William Padgett, Colleen Prossner, and Catherine Savage for doing a fantastic job while having a truly wonderful time working together on this first CazArts Youth Challenge. Thanks all!




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