PROJECT - Carpenter's Barn

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CazArts has started work on creating a hub for arts activities, a "Welcoming Gateway" to the Village, artist studios, a meeting place, a resource for artists, a magical building on the edge of the park where art activities can expand out into vibrant festivals.

The stone carriage house known as Carpenter's Barn was built in 1889. Working cooperatively, CazArts with the village of Cazenovia, Cazenovia College, and Cazenovia Area Community Development Association received a beginning grant for refurbishing, repurposing the inside, and creating a new life for Carpenter's Barn. 

CLASSES - A great selection of classes are planned for 2024 at Carpenter's Barn.   LEARN MORE!!

There are opportunities to conduct classes and/or rents studio space in this arts hub.    LEARN MORE!!

The grand opening of Carpenter's barn was in September 2021 (LEARN MORE).  

We continue to work with the communityto develop ideas in utilizing the amazing arts hub. 

More information on this historical structure and our plans can be found in the November 2020 CazArts Newsletter

Anyone interested in working on this project email us at


CazArts, PO Box 203 (mailing address), Cazenovia, NY 13035

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