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CazArts supports and initiates arts-related projects. Learn about our current endeavors.


CazArts group

Carpenter's Barn

CazArts has started work on creating a hub for arts activities, a "Welcoming Gateway" to the Village, artist studios, a meeting place, a resource for artists, a magical building on the edge of the park where art activities can expand out into vibrant festivals.




What Shapes Your Dreams?

It all started with a dream. It has been said that many of history's most challenging accomplishments stemmed from the seed of an idea, a concept. What may have been perceived of as an insurmountable situation was often reversed or overcome by the sheer power of creative, non-traditional thinking. In that spirit — and now more than ever, we need fresh mindsets and daring notions to confront the current issues we face today. Where do we find those who can aspire to the best of ideals and dream with a sustainable resilience for our future? Answer: our youth! This is why we created the CazArts Youth Challenge '21. Click this image to view the Gallery of work of our wonderful, creative and courageous youth.





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