The Community Arts Hall:

Carpenter's Barn is the stone carriage house, built in 1889, in the corner of Lakeland Park on Cazenovia Lake.  In 2021 the main room was repurposed as a meeting place for the arts.

The Community Arts Hall at Carpenters Barn is a 1,350 square foot space,  a large multi-purpose space that can be used for arts-related community gatherings ,lectures, events, and classes. It is a very flexible and welcoming space.   If you are interested in hosting an arts-related event, please fill out the Community Hall form and we will get back to you about scheduling.

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If you are hosting an event in which you are charging a fee, the rate to rent is $50 for up to 4 hr, $75 for up to 6 hr and $100 for more than 6 hr use of the Barn. If your event is a free arts-related event open to the public, once approved, you may use the Barn free of charge but we invite you to make a donation to help us keep the lights on!

The usable space in the Hall is approximately  30 X 45 ft. Ceilings are 20 ft high.  Air is circulated through MIRV 14 filters approximately every 11 minutes. See COVID and Mask Policy (updated 26JAN2023).

Here is a list of available items that are in the Barn:

  • 19-foldable tables 5'x2.5'
  • 100-chairs with padded seat and back
  • 6-stools
  • 10- pedestals of varying sizes
  • 8-easels of varying sizes
  • large industrial sink/hot and cold water
  • access to bathroom.

Special arrangements can be made for access to:

  • sound Equipment
  • large movable mirror
  • drafting Table

In an effort to keep the Barn as low maintenance as possible we ask that each renter is responsible for cleaning and putting back all items used, once a date and time are agreed on Liz will send a contract to be signed. If you have any questions please contact Liz Lurie

Thank you, we hope you choose to have your arts-related event in this historic, beautiful space!

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